Float in the Dead Sea

Float in the Dead Sea

Enjoy a swim in water 10 times saltier than any sea. It's a boon for skin and mind... set in a landscape far from the usual.

Less than two hours from Amman, relax in the most beautiful spa in the world, which is also the lowest place on earth at 400 metres below sea level. You will experience a new feeling, floating on the water like a cork so buoyant that it is almost impossible to get one's shoulders under the water. You can actually read and swim at the same time.
The water, rich in magnesium chloride, sodium, potassium, iodine, and bromide, bathes your skin with natural minerals. A brief jump in the mud of the Dead Sea and your skin will be soft as silk. If you want to stay there, you have a choice of many resorts, each with excellent spas. Not far away, roughly 20 kilometres, are the famous hot springs of Ma'In. Known since antiquity, their warm waters are especially therapeutic. This is a unique way to enjoy the pleasures of the spa.