Explore modernised Dominican cuisine at Buche Perico

Explore modernised Dominican cuisine at Buche Perico

Buche Perico pays tribute to Dominican gastronomy in one of the city's old foundries.

Seating on a bench, a man is reading the papers as, by his feet, another one is shining his shoes. These metallic characters illustrate daily life in Santo Domingo, and also remind visitors that this huge colonial-style building was once the island's first foundry. Now a restaurant, the place has retained its huge oven, as a testimony of another time period. Traditional touches therefore find their way into a much more modern ensemble setting.
Buche Perico spreads under the magnificent glasshouse that lights up when night falls. In one corner, a spectacular lamp hangs over the bar in peaceful harmony, drawing inspiration from the stained-glass windows often found over the thresholds of townhouses of yesteryear. The restaurant looks Dominican and it certainly tastes like it: fish ceviche with coconut and coriander, fresh tuna from Ocoa served with saffron risotto, or the Buche Perico itself, a corn cream and sausage stew typical from Moca, for a gastronomical journey across country.

Buche Perico
Calle El Conde 53
Santo Domingo 10210

+1 809 686 0129


Menu: around 1,100 DOP