El Huerto: a top the vegetarian trend

El Huerto: a top the vegetarian trend

This adept of 100% vegetarian has been centre stage for 30 years; it also organises painting exhibitions and yoga classes.

Though the garden terrace is quite charming, the rustic atmosphere is a bit homely, which has not prevented El Huerto from being considered as one of the 25 best vegetarian restaurants in the world.

Ahead of the trends, the house philosophy is respected without flaw, allowing you to combine gastronomy and selective food for health without worry. Very attractive, colourful, and rich in flavours, the recipes are international and inspired by world cuisine. The journey can begin with Tuscany and an ingratiating lasagne, Lebanese tabbouleh, or Mexican quesadillas. Try the different kinds of tofu, seaweed, peppers, and herbs that make surprising alliances. Creative mixtures give prestige to an omelette with mushrooms in very good French style, and the Thai wok is customised, and sprinkled with coriander.

The menu features a generous and varied selection of salads, as well as fresh fruit cocktails, that are vibrantly delicious.

El Huerto
Calle Orrego Luco 54
Región Metropolitana

+56 (2) 22 31 44 43


Menu: around 7,500 CLP