Dive into a Roman Atlantis

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Dive into a Roman Atlantis

Already a spa resort during Roman times, and a favourite among the rich and powerful, Baia was engulfed by rising waters.

Put on your wetsuit and fins and plunge (quite literally!) into the role of an archaeologist while exploring the Baia submerged park. About 30 kilometres from Naples, what used to be a vacation resort for the Roman elite is now under sea level. Whether you love snorkelling or scuba diving, you will turn into a marine Indiana Jones. Swim for ruin to ruin and visit this submarine city, looking for remnants of frescoes, mosaics and even entire villas, like Emperor Claudius' Nymphea, or the ruins of the “Villa a Protiro” with its huge black and white tiled floor that have been completely preserved. Explore forward the baths, which foundations are still visible. Engulfed by Poseidon, the place appears timeless, stuck forever in its old self. It reminds dreamers of what is left of ancient lost city. Shoals of fish navigate the old statues covered in seaweed (some new ones are actually copies) and broken pottery. Witness their graceful dance around the site, like the gatekeepers of mythical Atlantis.

Beware, the place is particularly vulnerable: just like at the museum, it should be noted the show is for your eyes only, and it is forbidden to touch anything. The visit will thus remain unspoilt for the next visitors!

Baia submerged archaeological park
Via Lucullo 94
80070 Bacoli

+39 081 523 2739