Didouche Mourad street, shopping is in full swing

Didouche Mourad street, shopping is in full swing

One of Algiers most beautiful avenues is historically a hotspot of shopping.

Before the Independence of Algeria, Michelet street was already known for its succession of shops and atmosphere. Renamed “Didouche Mourad”, the artery did not lose its DNA. From the Grand Post Office onwards, walking up the mile-long Didouche Mourad street is a true invitation to shop.
Between the place Audin and Khemisti boulevard, boutiques have a chic and international flavour. Stroll along ready-to-wear shop windows, antiques, craft, tuareg jewelry, perfume and bookshops. The crowded Didouche Mourad street is full of charm, lined with buildings which style is somewhere between Paris and the Mediterranean. Stopping at one of the numerous cafés is perfect to further immerse in this lively and history-filled atmosphere.

Didouche Mourad street
16030 Algiers