Cultural getaway in Palermo

Cultural getaway in Palermo

Come and grasp what the charismatic city of Palermo is all about, a few hundred kilometres away from Catania.

The city of Palermo is filled with complex history, going back to the Antiquity. Its strategic position in the heart of the Mediterranean caused it several invasions, by Normand, Greek and Spanish Bourbons. The results of this past are many and varied: sumptuous palaces rub shoulders with monuments in ruins, and sunny beaches contrast with shady streets.
During your trip in the largest Sicilian city, take some time to admire the Capo market. You will come across the best dry fruits, flavoured olives, dried tomatoes and other local specialities.
Make sure you stop by the Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral, a gigantic medieval monument built in the 12th century. Another major location is the Cappuccini catacombs, where 8,000 mummified corpses will welcome you in their underground passages shaped directly in the lava rock. One thing is certain, no one remains indifferent to Palermo's unexpected surprises!

Mercado del Capo
Via Cappuccinelle
90138 Palermo

Cattedrale Santa Maria Assunta
Via Vittorio Emanuele
90040 Palermo
+39 091 334 373

Cappuccini Catacombs
Piazza Cappuccini, 1
90129 Palermo
+39 091 652 7389