Cultural evening out at the Théâtre d'Oran

Cultural evening out at the Théâtre d'Oran

Algerian art is put on the stage and even created at the Théâtre d'Oran, in the heart of the city. The opportunity to discover popular plays full of life.

In the heart of Oran, on the square of 1 November 1954, stands the Oran Regional Theatre, which was once the city opera. Built in the 20th century in a baroque style, its green and beige facade is enhanced by two small turrets—in the centre, a splendid statue represents the three muses of music, tragedy and comedy—Euterpe, Melpomene and Thalia.

The interior of the building is just as beautiful as the exterior. On the first floor, three stained glass domes illuminate the stairs with an orange light, while in the grand hall, rows of red velvet seats can accommodate just over 600 people.

The theatre has a mission to spread art throughout the region. Since 1968, nearly 70 plays have been created between its walls. This is the perfect place to finish your day with a cultural break before heading out on the town of Oran for dinner at an excellent restaurant.

Théatre Régional d'Oran
Place du 1er Novembre 1954
31000 Oran

+213 41 29 60 57éâtre-Régional-dOran