Cramond, an isle of mystery

Cramond, an isle of mystery

Off the coast of Edinburgh on the Forth River, a small island only accessible at low tide traces the history of Scotland during the Second World War.

Strange, isn't it? Cramond Island has been floating on the waters of the Forth for thousands of years, just a few kilometres off the Scottish capital. The eponymous village, accessible by bus from downtown Edinburgh, runs along a vast beach caressed by regular tides. You merely have to wait for low tide to walk the long pathway thus revealed that connects the Scottish village with its island counterpart. Imposing concrete figures, aligned like soldiers facing the seafront, reinforce the mysterious character of the island, now abandoned to the fate of a few passing explorers.

Long home to sheep breeding, the village of Cramond was covered with numerous guard towers, bunkers and barracks to house Allied troops during the Second World War. Today, this island is no longer in use and remains suspended out of time, making it all the more fascinating.

Cramond Island
Firth of Forth
Edinburgh EH4 6NU