Cookies Cream

Cookies Cream

100% vegetarian and seriously quirky…

Finding this trendy vegetarian restaurant is a challenge. To enter Cookies Cream, you have to go through the service entrance of the Grand Hotel Westin and press an unmarked buzzer. Upstairs, after going in the back door, you land in an industrial space with raw concrete walls, an open kitchen, and tables draped in linen.

In this abandoned loft atmosphere, all very Berlin, the ingredients are always ultra-fresh and seasonal, and the menu changes every week. Stephan, the chef, has a number of signature dishes, including parmesan dumplings, fried egg yolks with lentils, and wild herb salad.

The staff is laid-back and the crowd very friendly, mainly clubbers from the famous Cookie just downstairs, financial types in suits, and lovers on holiday. Hidden but very famous, it is advisable to book one of the 15 tables ahead of time.

Cookies Cream
Behrenstraße 55
10117 Berlin

+49 30 27492940

Menu: around 40 EUR