COCO-MAT Athens: in the arms of Morpheus

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COCO-MAT Athens: in the arms of Morpheus

At the heart of this hotel's philosophy is a good night's sleep. COCO-MAT likes to emphasise the quality of its bedding – its pride and joy

COCO-MAT was originally a Greek company producing mattresses, bed frames and pillows, which logically, wanted to build hotel rooms around its beds. The chain has opened one of the jewels in its collection in a 1930s building in the heart of Kolonáki. Bright and spacious, protected along the external passageways by a curtain of bamboo waving in the wind, each of its 39 rooms is dedicated to Hypnos, the god of sleep, and to Morpheus his son, the god of dreams. Besides XXL quality bedding, you can choose the pillow that best suits the position you sleep in. In the morning, it is perfectly normal to go down for breakfast in the restaurant in your thick, fluffy bathrobe. To energise you for the day, everything is nutritionally dedicated to your wellness, with organic bread, freshly squeezed fruit juices, honey, and Greek yogurt. You will no longer be able to do without this comfort, so luckily, you can buy it. Pillows and bed linens are on sale in the hotel boutique if you want to continue the experience at home.

COCO-MAT Hotel Athens
Patriarchou Ioakim 36
106 75 Athens

+30 210 723 0000

Rooms: from 115 EUR