Coco Kafé: an open kitchen between land and sea

Coco Kafé: an open kitchen between land and sea

A chic and contemporary restaurant in the heart of the Le Gosier Marina offering unique cuisine to order. Gastropub for some; for others, a bistro.

The Coco Kafé looks great by the boats. It seems like a docked ship, with its boat-deck terrace and parasol sails. Do you feel like going for a sail and watching the boats? Head along the boardwalk to grab a table at the water's edge.

Nature is outside, inside, and everywhere, with Zen decoration of exotic plants, rocks, and water in a 100% wooden structure. The space is warm and exudes modernity, complete with an open kitchen.

This is the home of chef Jean-Claude Valvason, who writes up his slate based on what he's found at the market and from the fishmongers. Daily specials are added to a menu founded on traditional cuisine and specialties of Guadeloupe. Grilled sirloin steak, sea bream or the Coco Kafé's signature dish, the famous Coco Maïpo chicken, served on a griddle, are a delight. An all-round treat, especially at night when all the candles are lit, creating a magical atmosphere.

Coco Kafé
Place Créole La Marina
97190 Le Gosier

+590 (0)5 90 93 63 02

Menu: around 32 EUR