Chinese history at the National Museum of China

Chinese history at the National Museum of China

Discover Chinese history at one of the greatest museums in the world, the National Museum of China.

The National Museum of China was created in 2003 in the wake of a merger of the Museum of Chinese History and the Museum of the Chinese Revolution. Today you can discover art, culture and history and see the results of research, archaeological discoveries and cultural exchanges all on exhibit. With its 192,000 sqm, you can stroll among some 40 galleries and visit the two main exhibitions - "Ancient China" and "The Road of Rejuvenation" - in addition to a dozen others, notably on world civilization during the modern period and more about traditional arts and cultural relics.

You can spend a day admiring a remarkable collection of about a million historical treasures, including bronze, porcelain, jade, antique gold, silver and coin jewellery. There, where religion and politics mix, you will advance, throughout your visit, under the gaze of portraits of Buddha and Mao.

National Museum of China
16 East Chang'an Avenue
Dongcheng District

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