Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art: a priceless heritage

Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art: a priceless heritage

Its neoclassical facade is home to rare collections that are witness to the rich diversity of Latin American peoples

This museum, one of the most important in Santiago, owes its existence to the initiative of architect Sergio Larraín García-Moreno, an amateur art connoisseur who is also passionate about Latin America. More than 50 civilisations are represented, with collections that attest to the important cultural heritage of these pre-16th-century populations, including statues, textiles, ceramics, and gold objects. The visit is organised around vast designated areas where the recurring themes of the pre-Columbian cycle, notably sacrifices, shamanism, music, and dance, are concentrated. The works of the permanent exhibits are grouped by regions, and there is a room dedicated to the native peoples of Chile. An exciting rendezvous with the history, traditions, and rituals of the Mayan Empire, Aztec, Inca, Aymara and Mapuche peoples, and the Patagonian giants, the Tehuelches. Every year, the museum organises temporary exhibitions around themes on pre-Columbian peoples, such as the recent ‘Chile under the Inca Empire'.

Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art
Bandera 361

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