Che Fico, the Italian tavern in all its splendour

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Che Fico, the Italian tavern in all its splendour

Mediterranean decoration, heartwarming cuisine and comforting atmosphere, here's what you should expect at Che fico.

Located on the second floor of an old body shop, it takes walking up a staircase decorated with bright-coloured tiles to access the gigantic dining room. Once up there, you will almost forget you are in the very heart of San Francisco. Very high white ceilings, an L-shaped bar and the bright and spacious dining room all hark back to the spirit of Italian trattorie.
The mouth-watering scent of dishes being baked in the huge pizza oven fills up the entire restaurant. A gigantic storeroom full of food stands at the centre of the inn, and children love to peep at it during the meal.
Try the mushroom pizza, the chef's speciality. Pasta is also a pure delight, perfectly seasoned. The farfalle with tomato sauce in particular will hold your attention, light and meltingly soft. The perfect pairing – in moderation – will come in the form of sophisticated cocktails, like a punch, mixing pineapple black pepper, cinnamon and cognac. Additionally, you will find a fine Italian wine selection. Italy has never felt this close to San Francisco that at Che Fico.

Che Fico
838 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

+1 415 416 6959

Menu: from 40 USD