Catania's markets, an olfactory journey

Catania's markets, an olfactory journey

As real slices of life, Catania's markets offer a quaint and tumultuous show. This is an original and gourmet way of discovering the city's traditions.

Going to the market each morning is for many locals an unshakable habit. Streets and squares buzz with activity until midday. From 6 a.m. onwards on the Piazza del Duomo, La Pescheria's fishmongers set up the fish stalls with fresh catches, as customers chat about yesterday's football game, coffee in hand. Fish stalls rub shoulders with cheese and produce, laid in wooden crates directly on the ground. Over there, some swordfish, over here mountains of lemons and purple cauliflowers. Not to mention various rigatti (escargots).
For a jumble-type of market, the Via Pacini one spreads all the way to Corso Italia. There, you will find clothes, sunglasses, spices and various foods. Carry on towards Piazza Giovanni Verga for the Campagna Amica organic market, ideal to bring cold cuts, honey and produce of unrivalled taste back home.
Finally head for the Carlo Alberto square to admire the famous Fera 'o Luni market, a major shopping spot where fresh products, clothes and spices challenge your eyes with bright popping colours on every stall.

La Pescheria
Piazza Alonzo di Benedetto
95131 Catania

+39 095 742 4271

Mercato della Via Pacini
95124 Catania

Mercato Campagna Amica
Piazza Giovanni Verga, 20
95129 Catania

Mercato Fera 'o Luni
Piazza Carlo Alberto
95131 Catania