Castroni, enjoy traditional groceries or a coffee

Castroni, enjoy traditional groceries or a coffee

With a small empire of a dozen grocers in Rome, the Castroni house leads you on a delicious journey in time.

Umberto Castroni founded his Roman business in 1932. It was quickly adopted by locals and the "Castroni" name grew until seeing several grocers opened in the Italian capital. One of the most well-known is that of Via Ottaviano. Castroni was first a coffee roaster: even today, coffee is ground on the spot as done in the past, leaving a sweet smell that fills the shop.
Little by little, coffee shops have also become grocers. There you will find many Italian products: pastas and pesto, oil and vinegar. Local delicacies rub shoulders with those from the around of the world, as teas, chocolates and rare spices adorn the shelves at Castroni.
Romans have been won over and the shop is always packed. It is not uncommon to see people who come to shop linger at the counter, a ristretto in hand.

Castroni Via Ottaviano
Via Ottaviano 55
00192 Roma

+39 06 39 72 32 79