Casa Esmeralda:just like home

Casa Esmeralda:just like home

In Sámara, thisrestaurant offers classical Costa Rican home cooking,executed flawlessly and prepared with fresh products.

Though the tables do not give directly onto the Pacific Ocean (although very close), it is invited onto the plates with beautiful proposals for seafood, shrimp salad,andceviche. The menu is typically Costa Rican (rice with shrimp or chicken, avocado salad, caramelized pineapple), with some international incursions expanding the possibilities, such as chicken curry or pasta dishes (with a shrimp and avocado sauce, for example).

Enjoy these specialties atnoon and at night in the pleasant dining room on the terrace outside the entrance or, under coverupstairs, in one of five adjoining rooms that can be rented for a small fee. Casa Esmeralda is an address that reflects the sodas, the typical restaurants of Costa Rica. This is certainly a safe bet for the resort town of Sámara.

Casa Esmeralda 
50201 Sámara
Provincia de Guanacaste

+506 2656 0489

Menu: around 9,500 CRC