Calle El Conde: a favourite walk for Dominicans

Calle El Conde: a favourite walk for Dominicans

Named after Conde de Peñalba, governor of Hispaniola in 1655, this pedestrian street concentrates all of the energy of downtown Santo Domingo.

With a dense concentration of shops and art galleries, Calle El Conde is a tourist destination in and of itself. You can find almost everything here, from antiques to souvenirs, handicrafts to CDs, and, of course, panama hats. Munch on a banana fritter to recover from your shopping, or take a seat on a terrace to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and mix with the Dominicans, known for their warmth and kindness. The motley crowd sauntering along on the cobblestone street is a spectacle in itself, accompanied by exotic rhythms and the heady perfume of cigars and coffee.

At the end of the street, the Puerta Del Conde, a relic of 17th-century fortifications, leads to the Parque Independencia. Here you will find the Altar de la Patria, the mausoleum of the founding fathers of the country: Duarte, Sanchez, and Mella, authors of the Declaration of Independence. A perpetual flame commemorates the three men responsible for the creation of the Dominican Republic.

Calle El Conde
Santo Domingo 10210