Bibenda: happiness right on your fork

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Bibenda: happiness right on your fork

Creative cuisine with ultra fresh ingredients make for an excellent choice. 

Not yet 30, the smiling Beniamin Bielecki long worked in the catering business before opening his own restaurant in 2014. His products of unparalleled freshness are at the heart of his dishes. He enjoys playing with flavours and trying out new mixtures, to delight the taste buds. You'll see it all: beef tartare with an egg yolk and potato chips for starters, turkey meatballs in ginger that melt in your mouth for main course… Regarding dessert, choose the almond and caramelised orange cake, or the famous chocolate and salted caramel pie.

Beniamin is looking forward to next year: he hopes to grow some of his own vegetables on his father's land. Meanwhile, he has created two wine labels bearing the image of his adorable dog, Buba, the guardian of this restaurant. Make sure you pass by the lovely bar where you can taste one of the beers and eat alone (or not) across from the cooks.

Nowogrodzka 10
00-001 Warszawa

+48 502 770 303

Menu: 3 courses around 55 PLN