Beauty surrounds Oran

Beauty surrounds Oran

Whether North or South of Oran, take advantage of your stay and visit some of the surrounding areas, especially Kristel, Arzew, Mostaganem and Sidi Bel Abbès.

Located 25 kilometres North-East of Oran, Kristel is a small fishing harbour nested in a cove with a beautiful beach. From there on, you can climb up the 900 metres high Djebel Kristel and enjoy a fantastic scenic view.
A few kilometres down the road, stop at Arzew, known for being a battlefield between allied forces and the Vichy regime in 1942. Take the opportunity and lunch at Gazelles, the famous restaurant of the vicinity that serves a fresh fish refined cuisine all year long and allows you to enjoy a fantastic view on the Mediterranean.
Afterwards, keep up onto Mostaganem. Founded in the 11th century by the Almoravid dynasty, the town remained one of the most Spanish-oriented of all Algeria in spite of the French mark.
South of Oran is also well worth the journey. For instance, go to Sidi Bel Abbès on the banks of the Mekerra river and the Sarno wadi. This town is the birthplace of singer Cheikha Remitti and fighter Marcel Cerdan, and was for a long time the “capital city” of the Foreign Legion. City Hall plaza and its bandstand are full of charm. Visit the small town of Sig very close by, formerly known as Saint-Denis-du-Sig, the Algerian capital of olive products.