Bastion 23, Barbarossa's Palace

Bastion 23, Barbarossa's Palace

Listed as historical monument, the corsair fortress is one of the remaining sites of the Ottoman rule. Since 1994, it houses the Palace of Raïs Arts and Culture Centre.

Stand on the mind-blowing terrace overlooking the sea, sea spray gently over your face, and imagine Algiers at the time of corsairs... The harbour was built by the infamous pirate Barbarossa, bey and pasha of Algiers.
It is now believed that the first building in the citadel was erected on roman ruins in order to strengthen the low medina. The citadel was gradually built upon, and was named “Bastion 23” when the ramparts of the French city were built.
“Palace 16”, “Palace 17” or “maisons des pêcheurs” (fishermen houses) are all denominations meant for Land Registry.
Once an all girls boarding school (a mouthful for a former pirate garrison!), United States Consulate, then public library, the Bastion 23 was squatted after the Independence. Paradoxically, it allowed for lots of woodwork and earthenware to be preserved. The whole place retains an Ottoman refinement that will take your breath away!

Palais des Raïs (Bastion 23)
23, boulevard Amara Mohamed Rachid
16100 Algiers

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