Banacher, Catania's prestigious night club

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Banacher, Catania's prestigious night club

The idyllic setting and seafront view have turned it into the jewel of Sicilian nightclubs… and much more!

As night falls, head over to Aci Castello, about a dozen miles from Catania, as you would venture into another world. For it is in this small town facing the Cyclopean Islands marine reserve that you will find the Banacher, the major outdoor Sicilian nightclub. Here, amid luxurious vegetation, everybody gathers to party! The exotic climate that reigns in this historical club turns it into a musical oasis at the heart of the Sicilian city. Take advantage and enjoy dinner at its restaurant or sip on a cocktail by the pool. Both are ideal to take in the incredibly festive atmosphere. The three dancefloors will take care of the rest from Tuesday to Sunday, putting on an explosive show until the sun comes up. The various themes, DJ setlists and exceptional setting will undoubtedly satisfy all tastes and desires. A recipe for success!

Banacher Discoteca
Via Vampolieri 2
95921 Aci Castello

+39 347 372 3901