Auberge du Moulin, the really good restaurant in Algiers

Auberge du Moulin, the really good restaurant in Algiers

All inhabitants will tell you: Algerian cuisine is meant to be tasted at home. Still, this is one of the most popular restaurants of the city.

People eat late in Algiers, so it is best to book a table, especially on Thursday nights, right before the weekend. Do not stop at the kitsch decorum of the place. Auberge du Moulin mixes a Normandy mood with fireplaces, woodwork and eastern-style paintings. During the summer however, it is best to enjoy diner on the flowery and jasmine-flavoured terrace.
The menu is as Algerian as it is French. It is possible to have the chorba, the chakhchoukha (which is a dish made of pastry, chickpeas, vegetables and meat) and other specialities like red sauce liver or braised beef with spinach. For those who still hesitate, opt for the house special, the grilled lamb mechoui. It is excellent, possibly the best in town... And it can be served with a glass of wine. Lots of regionally produced wines are available.

L'Auberge du Moulin
24, rue Abane Ramdane
16000 Algiers

+213 21 36 10 73

Menu: around 3,500 DZD