Athletic escapades a few steps from the sea

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Athletic escapades a few steps from the sea

Water activities are not the only outdoor options in the Fortaleza area. In addition to kitesurf and windsurfing, enjoy buggies and bikes for a change of pace.

All throughout the year, Fortaleza offers many sporting opportunities for thrill-seeking globetrotters. Only 20 kilometres from downtown, reserve your buggy excursion to Cumbuco. Aboard these famous all-terrain vehicles, you can find secret little corners of paradise that can't be reached by car. Head out to the sand dunes for exotic landscapes and an even more intense experience!
To travel through town, bikes remain a pleasant alternative to walking. Jump on the saddle of your two wheeler and explore the streets of Fortaleza. To discover local culture and make the most of a superb view of the ocean, nothing beats a bicycle outing. Finally, if you prefer hikes, you can walk along the beach and admire the horizon that spreads out before you while breathing in the sea air.

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