Astir Beach: the Athenian Riviera

Astir Beach: the Athenian Riviera

Let the holidays begin! South of Athens, you will find lush nature, magnificent sandy beaches and wild inlets.

What do Athenians do on the weekend? They go to the seaside, so, like them, head out of town. Making your way along the coast, you will come across small villages that are genuine pieces of paradise, such as Álimos, Glyfáda and Varkiza.

In this corner of Athens - because, after all, you are still in Athens - magnificent sandy stretches await. Astir Beach is considered to be the most beautiful, located right next to the hotel of the same name. It is a private beach, but it allows you to spend all day water skiing, paddling, or just lazing in the sun sipping iced coffee. You can also rent a motorboat to explore the coast to the west and drop anchor in a small cove. Diving into the clear turquoise water, you will feel as though you are the last person on the planet.

Further south, however, you can navigate along cosmopolitan beaches. Upon your return, your table is reserved. Freshly caught sea bream and tomatoes await you.

Astir Beach
Appollonos 40
166 71 Vouliagméni

+30 210 890 1619