Assinie and Assouindé: the art of doing nothing

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Assinie and Assouindé: the art of doing nothing

The heavenly beaches of the Aby Lagoon spread about 100 km away from Abidjan, between traditional villages and seaside resorts.

Ivory Coast has its very own Riviera! A 90-minute drive from Abidjan, the Assinie peninsula reveals spectacular scenery where the shoreline extends for about thirty kilometres. Assinie boasts a balance of authenticity and high-end tourism, and is both a fishing village and a seaside resort popular with Abidjan's elite. With jet skiing, pirogue boat trips, water tubing, cruises and much more on offer, there is no shortage of activities to try. However, there's absolutely nothing stopping you from simply laying out your towel or deckchair on the white sand of this idyllic beach to relax. Known as the “Saint Tropez of Africa”, the village of Assinie has been attracting an increasing number of visitors ever since the Ivorian reggae singer Alpha Blondy wrote a song about it in 1998. It is also well-known internationally thanks to the French cult comedy film, French Fried Vacation (1978).

Less than 20 kilometres away, you can also explore the charming little village of Assouindé, with its thatched houses, colourful shops and red laterite streets lined with coconut palms. In this resort – which is less frequented but just as enchanting as its neighbour – you can enjoy both a delightfully relaxing break and the unspoilt charm of the seaside scrubland.

Assinie beach

Assouindé beach