Andhra Pradesh Bhavan, South-Indian food at its finest

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Andhra Pradesh Bhavan, South-Indian food at its finest

In New Delhi, all the flavours of India converge. Andhra Pradesh Bhavan is one of the best places to discover southern-style Indian cuisine.

With its tiled walls and bare decor, Andhra Pradesh Bhavan doesn't look like much: just another Indian canteen, like so many others in the city. But the impatient crowd clamouring to get inside for lunch is a good indicator of its quality. Every day, an armada of waiters perform a formidable and well-rehearsed ballet where the specialties of South India have a central role. The traditional thali with dal and chutney, served in metal containers, has pride of place. On Sundays, spicy chicken biryani from the Hyderabad region is the star of the menu, but the fish and mutton curries are just as good, so delicious in fact that you will forget the hubbub of the room, crowded with people from all walks of New Delhi life.

Andhra Pradesh Bhavan Canteen
1, Ashoka Road
New Delhi
Delhi 110001

+91 (0)11 2338 2031

Menu: around 100 INR