Amerikalinjen, tribute to Norwegian emigrants

Amerikalinjen, tribute to Norwegian emigrants

Close to the Oslo opera house, Kvadraturen (fashionistas' favourite street) and Youngstorget, a district popular with night owls, the Amerikalinjen hotel is a witness to Norway's migratory past.

A testimony to Norway's past, the former headquarters of the Norwegian America Line shipping company, built in 1919, have seen thousands of people set foot in, all looking ahead to crossing the Atlantic for a better life in the United States. Before Norway became one of the biggest oil exporters, its economy was essentially based on cod fishing and livestock farming.

Inside what used to be the company's Neobaroque building, a hotel has since then opened, while keeping its Norwegian name, Amerikalinjen. Far from a vindication of the American way of life, the establishment is a tribute to local savoir-faire: from staff uniforms to room furniture and bathroom amenities, everything is made in Norway. Moreover, the hotel's contemporary design does not capitalize on nostalgia for a bygone era. There are no seaman pea-jackets, no 20th-century luggage to be found in the rooms, merely a few pictures along with the hotel's New York-inspired jazz club, Gustav, that do witness to the origins of Amerikalinjen. Attention has been paid on craftsmanship and current Norwegian design instead. They will give a perfect overview of what 21st-century Oslo life is all about.

Jernbanetorget 2
0154 Oslo

+47 214 05 900

Rooms: from 2,036 NOK