Ambiance Villa, happiness in a plate

surprising terrace
Ambiance Villa, happiness in a plate

In this small and charming restaurant at the crossroads of European and Algerian cuisines, food is presented in a way that will open up your appetite

The newborn of the Ambiance restaurants, which are very popular in Oran and Tlemcen, it welcomes you in a gigantic villa with soft and zen decoration. If you feel like it, start with a cocktail in the colourful flower garden. Time for lunch or dinner? Head to either the indoor dining room or the terrace. Ambiance Villa gathers all the flavours of the sea and traditional local cuisine in a very friendly atmosphere. Its open kitchen allows you to witness the specialities of chef Hafidh Lounas (awarded best chef in Algeria) being prepared under your eyes.
Start with puff pastry-wrapped shrimp and then indulge in the salmon-spinach lasagne. The marinated veal liver is also very popular with regulars. For dessert, the crème brûlée with date honey is a winner. Oh so sweet!

Ambiance Villa
45, rue Wahrani Boumediéne Courbet
31000 Oran

+213 05 53 89 05 41

Menu: from 3,500 DZD