Amass, hymn to sustainable gastronomy

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Amass, hymn to sustainable gastronomy

With its no waste, local and organic stance, Amass nonetheless upholds a gastronomic standard. This makes it one of the most popular restaurants amond ecofriendly food lovers in Copenhagen.

In an old industrial warehouse overlooking the ancient docks of Copenhagen, Amass stands out with its ecological drive. Run by chef Matt Orlando (who has had some experience at Noma, the Danish starred restaurant), it offers ethical cuisine. Everything is recycled, oriented towards a no waste philosophy: ingredients are sourced from small local producers, meats are exclusively provided by ethical farms, herbs and vegetables are grown in the organic garden that faces the dining room… As for the recipes, they include surprising products that are no less delicious: whipped kale butter, yoghurt whey, nasturtium leaf oil… All those efforts have actually been rewarded with the Michelin “sustainable gastronomy” label.

According to this logic, the single menu changes regularly, depending on available products, the seasons, and even the weather. Dishes you may be able to try include roasted spaghetti squash, served with mussel emulsion, horseradish and salted pumpkin seed, a three-way turbot (ceviche in buckwheat milk, beechwood smoked or cooked in horseradish stew), as well as glazed duck in smoked almonds and grilled elderflower. Modern Nordic flavours and ecological thinking do mix at Amass, making it a must of Danish gastronomy!

Refshalevej 153
1432 København K

+45 43 58 43 30

Single menu: 700 DKK