Altrove, a door onto the world

fusion - bistronomy
Altrove, a door onto the world

In the heart of the Garbatella neighbourhood, Altrove does its part to change the world, training unemployed youth and refugees to food service industry jobs.

Between the white collars working for the various embassies in the neighbourhood and simply curious foodistas, the company is eclectic at Altrove. The address has attracted a lot of attention with its unusual story: here, the staff consists of unemployed youth or refugees that managers train and integrate into the social fabric in a positive and innovative manner. From late breakfast (10 a.m.) to dinner by way of late-afternoon drinks, choices multiply. The menu draws inspiration from all over the world: the sous-chefs are asked to analyse the traditional dishes of their respective native countries in order to recompose them with a twist. As for the ingredients used, they are mostly locally sourced, seasonal and organic, favouring social, ethical and sustainable principles by bypassing large retailers. Set off on a culinary world tour with a South American ceviche, a Palestinian maftoul and vegetarian brick pastries in red pepper sauce from North Africa. End the meal with a pastry, which you can choose among the various delicacies available at the counter.

Altrove Ristorante
Via Girolamo Benzoni 34
00154 Roma RM

+39 06 574 6576

Menu: around 25 EUR