Aïoli, an ode to southern cuisine

terrace - brunch
Aïoli, an ode to southern cuisine

This new generation canteen in Warsaw is full, from morning till night, be it for breakfast, snacks, tapas or dinner.

Mediterranean aromas escape the terrace, where furniture is made of recycled pallets. Inside, a long communal table stands in the middle of an industrial-style room, with exposed brick walls and an exposed concrete counter. Aioli, like the name suggests, pays tribute to the flavours of southern Europe. In the centre of Warsaw, this urban canteen offers sober cuisine: pasta and other typical yet affordable dishes, like shrimp ravioli, asparagus and mascarpone, classic burgers and pizzas, with hot sausage for instance. In the morning, the restaurant will delight you with copious breakfast plates of international inspiration – shakshuka, sausage, eggs…– while tables are covered with tapas for pre-dinner. With, obviously, a good amount of aioli.

Świętokrzyska 18
00-052 Warsaw

+48 226 572 126


Menu: around 51 PLN