Ain Sokhna, under the sun of the Red Sea

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Ain Sokhna, under the sun of the Red Sea

Lukewarm sea, sun... Enjoy the charms of the Red Sea to learn how to kitesurf or scuba dive, just an hour and a half drive from Cairo.

Follow the example of the Cairenes, who, from the start of the weekend, will take advantage of the fresh air at Ain Sokhna. Located at the foot of the Arabian Desert mountain range, several kilometres south of the mouth of the Suez Canal, this seaside resort is renowned for its natural hot springs, magnificent beaches, as well as the wide variety of water sports offered.
Ain Sokhna's crystal clear waters and coral reefs are particularly great for snorkelling. If you love water-skiing, windsurfing or kitesurfing, you will be spoiled for choice with many sports centres available along the vast sandy beaches. As for those who love fishing on the high seas, they will be able to enjoy to their hearts' content, between Ras El Adebbya and Ras El Zaafarana.
At dusk, after a day of sports – or idleness –, enjoy the magnificent show that awaits you: the mountains turn pink, vibrant pink, while the Gulf of Suez, motionless, takes on the colours of the rainbow.