Abokouamékro Reserve, an exceptional site

nature reserve
Abokouamékro Reserve, an exceptional site

Surrounded by both forest and savannah, discover the natural heritage of Abokouamékro and take in the astonishing landscapes.

About fifty kilometres north of Abidjan lies one of the most remarkable natural sites. Running along the border with Ghana, the Abokouamékro Reserve was created in 1986 to develop the Lake region. More than 20,000 hectares are home to wildlife, mostly from the Comoé and Marahoué National Parks and South African reserves – some of the species were considered extinct in Ivory Coast just a few decades ago.

Among the varieties reintroduced here, antelopes, buffaloes, hartebeests and giraffes live in complete freedom, although poaching has still sometimes endangered the park's ecosystem in recent years. As the Ivorian authorities have recognised this problem, visits take place in 4x4 vehicles accompanied by a guide or a forest ranger, who will help you to find your way through the forest, savannah and palm trees. And while you are not necessarily guaranteed to catch a glimpse of all the animals, it's still worth taking a trip out to the Abokouamékro reserve because of its stunning landscapes interspersed with rivers, at the centre of which you can set up camp. The lush green valleys, dominated by the hill known as “des Ambassadeurs”, promise breathtaking panoramas.

Abokouamékro Game Reserve (RAF – Réserve de Faune d'Abokouamékro)