A traditional dinner in majestic scenery

A traditional dinner in majestic scenery

In an old caravanserai a few kilometres south of Amman, Kan Zamaan is a showcase for Jordanian culture and traditions.

Take the road from the airport to the village of Al Yadoudeh, located 15 kilometres from the capital, and enter the enclosure of the Kan Zamaan fortress. This picturesque place is lined with many craft shops and workshops, converted from old stables, selling carpets, glassware, and jewellery in local colours.
Inside the restaurant, nestled in the village, awaits a delicious traditional buffet consisting of mezze, red peppers and nuts and traditional dishes like the farrouj mashwi, a charcoal-grilled chicken. These are usually served on a bed of rice sprinkled with pine nuts and accompanied by bread baked on site. Enjoy this delicious cuisine and, above all, this magical setting in vaulted rooms with thick stone walls. The acoustics are outstanding, a feast for musicians whose very beings vibrates with oriental melodies. For dinner or lunch, this is a stop for the family.

Kan Zamaan
Farah Abu Jaber Street
Al Yadoudeh
Amman 11180

+962 6 412 3838


Menu: around 15 JOD