A lovely walk in Princes Street Gardens

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A lovely walk in Princes Street Gardens

This huge green space in the very heart of Edinburgh is a real invitation for the whole family to relax.

Princes Street Gardens, the largest park in central Edinburgh, separates the old town from the new. Divided into several gardens, the 150,000 sqm gardens stand on the exact site of Nor Loch, an ancient lake which, in the Middle Ages, served as the city's natural defence. Inaugurated in 1820, the Princes Street Gardens were created following the drainage of a vast expanse of water as part of the development of the city towards the north.

Wander among trees and groves and pause for a moment to contemplate the Ross Fountain erected in 1872 – a sumptuous structure in golden cast iron, with sculptures of sirens and four women, representing the arts, sciences, poetry and industry, surmounted by a fifth with the Horn of Plenty. To the west of the park, the floral clock, made up of thousands of plants, sounds the hours, while children enjoy the slides and rides on a large playground entirely for them.

Princes Street Gardens
Princes Street
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