A central escape on the banks of the Vistula

A central escape on the banks of the Vistula

The work of Joanna Rajkowska, a giant palm tree in plastic is planted on Jerusalem Avenue, inviting you to walk close to the waters of the river.

From Warsaw, you have, without a doubt, seen the image of an immaculate city with a carpet of white snow, broad avenues with icy winds, and days with no light. True—in part. Because the city also has a marvellous summer with mild evenings and a fall with vibrant golden hues. All along the Vistula, numerous bars open up on the nice days of the year. Recently, a new urban development plan has brought city residents back to the Vistula, not far from the library of the University of Warsaw, where a stunning garden crowns its roof.
On the other side of the river, a strip of sand stretches along the waters. Here the youth play ball, have barbecues, and listen to DJs playing into the evening. Nothing new. Warsaw residents came here before the war and even swam in the river. In the 1990s, the area had been a bit forgotten in the race to a new economy. Today, it has been reborn and beautified.